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New Blog

Posted on Mar 14 2008 by Matthew Jakeman

Hi to anyone that happens to be reading this. This is my new blog to document my random ramblings and thoughts. This will mostly contain a lot of random thoughts of mine regarding computers, programming, scripting, the world in general etc etc.

Of course this blog was also an exercise to see if I could knock up a basic blogging PHP script in a few hours. No doubt there will be a few bugs but I will hopefully iron those out relatively quickly. Time will tell on that front I suppose. If you do happen to find any bugs feel free to use the contact link to email these through to me so I can sort them out.

The blog will be undergoing many updates in the near future. At the moment it is an extrememly simple script (and the tags don’t even do anything yet). Soon it will be a lot more functional with archiving etc to make it easier to navigate. Hopefully some of my ramblings will come in useful enough to some people to make this worthwhile :)


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