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Shift/Ctrl/Alt Keys Not Working In Linux When Running Vmware

Posted on Mar 24 2009

Sometimes when I run Vmware under linux I have noticed that it manages to stop my Ctrl/Alt/Shift keys from working on the OS running Vmware. This has proven to be a real pain at times but the following solution works a treat for getting them working again. All that is needed is to run the following app in a terminal and it restores the functionality of all keys :


IE Application Dependancy

Posted on Mar 23 2009

I have just used windows for the first time in a while to play poker of all things. The application I was using needed to open a browser to direct me to a web page which is fair enough. However it decided to not bother checking what my default browser was and loaded IE instead. Now I am a passionate hater of IE for web usage, I much prefer Firefox, that is my preference etc etc.

After seeing this I had a chat with a few friends that use windows on a regular basis and they said it annoys them as well that some apps ignore their default browser settings and use IE for any web based interactivity. This seems like stupid behavior to me, can application developers just not be bothered to do the registry check and load the default browser nowadays?

Is this a part of the whole MS monopoly on the browser market? If application developers find it so much easier to just work in all their web based interaction in an application via IE because it is the default browser should something not be done to either change the way this is implemented in windows, or, more likele, should something not be done to change the mindset of developers??

Auto Reload Page In Firefox

Posted on Mar 05 2009

Just a quick one to share a really nice firefox extension I have been using for a while now. I have found this quite useful for a number of sites where it is great to have it automatically refresh every X minutes or seconds.

This extension (ReloadEvery) sticks a little drop down box next to the refresh button which allows you to select an interval for the page to be refreshed. Anyway here’s a link :

ReloadEvery Firefox Extension