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NP++ Linux Kernel Module Version 0.1

Posted on May 22 2009 by Matthew Jakeman

The first public release of the NP++ Linux kernel module is now available for download here.

This is an extremely early version and doesn’t have the full functionality of the earlier version written in the FreeBSD kernel but it’s a good building block. It is being released due to requests from certain parties that wish to use it so it is a lot easier for me to put it up on the net rather than emailing copies to people. This also means there will be a better development cycle.

There is a guide to creating a physical mapping kernel module to run along side the main NP++ module here.

For anyone reading this that hasn’t heard of my work on NP++ (which is probably most people) there is an overview of the protocol here. Hopefully with a bit more debugging the userspace tools that compliment the main protocol will be getting released soon as well.

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