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Reverse Enumerate In Latex

Posted on Jun 24 2009 by Matthew Jakeman

I just had the need to enumerate a list of numbered bullet points in reverse order within a Latex document I am writing. I suppose this is a feature that isn’t hugely needed so it isn’t contained within the standard Latex feature set.

After a little searching I came across this style file which will create the \begin{revnumerate} environment which can be used to easily create a reversely enumerated list. An in depth description of how to use this style can be found here.

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  1. Neeru says:

    One downside to etenimum is that including the package reinterprets ALL your {enumerate}s, and if you’ve given optional arguments like [(i)] to have it count in lower-case roman numerals, then {enumitem} will choke. There is a simpler (more elementary but not as sophisticated) workaround. Before you start the list, include the line \newcounter{saveenum}Then end the first part of your list with \setcounter{saveenum}{\value{enumi}} \end{enumerate}and start the continuation of the list with \begin{enumerate} \setcounter{enumi}{\value{saveenum}} \item This will restart your numbering where it left off, without having to use any packages or do global search-and-replaces.

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