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Composing Bibtex Entries And Finding Pre Composed Ones

Posted on Jul 01 2009 by Matthew Jakeman

Compsing Bibtex entries for use in Latex can be a pain at the best of times. Deciding which entry type to use, entering all the authors, page numbers, journal/conference name etc etc.

I was messing about in nautilus the other day and accidentally double clicked on one of my bibtex files. To my surprise a nice GUI application called KBibteX opened with my bibtex entries from the file all organised.

After a little more playing around with it I found that it is extremely useful for adding new entries. A nice GUI lets you enter all the information into text fields and view the output source at all times. Then when an entry has been entered you can click on it in the overview and it will show you how Latex will display the output.

I would definitely recommend KBibteX to anyone that has to work with Bibtex on a regular basis it is a real nice time saver.

Of course a lot of the time it is possible to find entries for papers etc already composed from well known sources such as citeseer. For computing references I would highly recommend The Collection Of Computer Science Bibliographies. The site is not always the most reliable but the number of bibtex entries it contains is phenomenal and regularly updated with the latest papers.

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