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OpenWRT default blocking of ICMP

Posted on Jan 29 2010

I have been setting up an OpenWRT router at home specifically because I wanted to use it as an end point for a Hurrican Electric IPv6 Tunnel. I need this so I can do some tests using my NP++ On Sourceforge

All of the code is now hosted on the sourceforge svn server so that is also browsable on there.

Remove Quick Create From All Modules In Sugarcrm

Posted on Jan 14 2010

If you need to remove the Quick Create view from every module as I recently needed to it is quite simple to do. First of all create the following file:

Then all you need to do is copy the following code in:

class ViewSidequickcreate extends SugarView
function display()
return '';

Go to the admin section and perform a “Quick Repair and Rebuild” and Quick Create should have disappeared from every module.

Ubuntu 9.10 Sound Problems And Script Solution

Posted on Jan 05 2010

I have been having a problem recently with my desktop PC where the sound would work perfectly through the speakers but as soon as I plugged in my headphones the volume decided to gradually fade down over 10 seconds to nothing. After this I would get no sound at all.

This hasn;t really been a big problem until very recently as I have decided to use my headphones a bit more to give my girlfriend a bit of peace and quiet. Obviously the problem needed fixing.

After a bit of messing around I managed to totally disable my sound card by accident. After doing this I stumbled across this nice little script.

This script did a brilliant job for me of detecting my sound card and configuring it perfectly in a matter of seconds with a little bit of user interaction from myself. I would highly recommend this script for anyone that is having sound issues.

SugarCRM – Remove Mass Update From A Built In Module

Posted on Jan 02 2010

This quick post will show you how to remove the mass update field from a built in module in SugarCRM. This will also work for a module that has been deployed but it will not work properly for a module built using module builder. Well, it will work but as soon as you re-deploy the module the changes will be over-written.

For the purpose of this we will use the Opportunities module and assume that it is this that we wish to remove the Mass Update panel from.

The first thing to do is create the file ‘view.list.php’ in /custom/modules/Opportunities/views/ – If this path does not exist, simply create it and place the file in there.

Once that is done add the following code to the file.

if(!defined('sugarEntry') || !sugarEntry) die('Not A Valid Entry Point');


class OpportunitiesViewList extends ViewList
function listViewProcess()
$this->lv->showMassupdateFields = false;

This will remove the Mass update panel from the module. To adapt the above code for other modules simply change the name of the class from OpportunitiesViewList to ViewList and place it in the appropriate directory.