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Web Sites

Posted on May 12 2011

Evolution Systems has an extensive range of experience in all forms of web site development. From smaller personal sites through to full corporate scale sites we are positive we can fulfil your requirements.

We have experience using a wide range of back end software that enable us to get your site up and running as quickly as possible incurring the minimum cost to our clients. The software we use enables our clients to have a fully functioned CMS web site which they can update and modify themselves quickly and easily.

If your project does not fit in to a category where we can use available software we also have extensive experience of building sites from the ground up exactly to your specifications.

Why not get in touch and see how Evolution Systems can help your business on the web.

Software Development

Posted on Nov 25 2010

If you want a bespoke piece of software designing and developing, Evolution Systems have a wide range of experience creating user friendly software from the ground up. We can develop software for a number of systems using a variety of languages. We strive to develop all our software in the most cross-platform friendly way, taking advantages of toolkits such as wxWidgets to create truly cross platform user interfaces and back ends.

If you would like to discuss an idea for a piece of software and how Evolution Systems can turn that idea into a reality, please contact us for advice and a free online consultation.

Linux/Unix Consultancy

Posted on Nov 25 2010

Linux and Unix have become widely utilised Operating Systems, mainly for server applications. Here at Evolution Systems we have a wide range of experience setting up, configuring and maintaining these systems. To get the most from your servers we can help tailor a setup specifically for you and your business.

For more information about our range of Linux and Unix services feel free to contact us for a free online consultation.

CRM Solutions

Posted on Nov 25 2010

Evolution Systems are proud to offer a CRM consulting and development service. We recognise how important customer relationships are to all businesses and we work with the SugarCRM Open Source CRM platform to deliver a solution tailored specifically for you and your customers.

We are able to customise SugarCRM based on your specific requirements and have experience writing highly customised modules tailoerd to our clients needs. We can work with you from conception through to the fully finished CRM to ensure your workforce has a fully functional package that can help increase your efficiency and profits.

If you are interested in seeing what one of our customised CRM solutions can offer your company, contact us now for a free consultation.