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Get Next Auto Increment Value

Posted on Sep 24 2008 by Matthew Jakeman

Earlier today I had the need to try and discover the next auto increment value in a MySQL table. I haven’t needed to do this before so I headed over to google to have a look for how to accomplish it.

A lot of information I found said to use a ‘SELECT MAX…’. This would work fine as long as nothing gets deleted from the end of the database. I ended up finding a nice blog entry here that explains exactly how to do it. The following code snippet taken from the site above shows how to get the next value.

$tablename = "tablename";
$next_increment = 0;
$qShowStatus = "SHOW TABLE STATUS LIKE '$tablename'";
$qShowStatusResult = mysql_query($qShowStatus);

$row = mysql_fetch_assoc($qShowStatusResult);
$next_increment = $row['Auto_increment'];

echo "next increment number: [$next_increment]";

Quite a useful piece of info…

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